We’ve reimagined this enduring Aussie staple for today. That means locally caught fish that’s fresher than a post-surf breeze, and a light menu that won’t weigh you down. We’ve kept the easy, but ditched the greasy. And when it comes to sustainability, the only footprint we leave is in the sand. It’s all served with a smile, a side of nostalgic sunshine, and brews from our buds at Balter. Here’s to comfort food that doesn’t just taste good, it does you and the world good too.


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Express Point Taco PRAWN


3 of our famous prawn tacos, coconut prawns, avocado, cabbage & chipotle mayo


4 Tacos


Fish Taco

Snap-fried spiced fish, fresh radish, coriander & lime salsa



Grilled Salmon chips & choice of salad